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Are you responsible for projects and work processes and do you find yourself in a modern organisation which includes virtual teams, off-shoring and teleworkers? There is a good chance you will often experience a certain lack of control, miscommunication or simply not being able to oversee the actual situation at a given moment. Sounds familiar? Grip, an advanced work process solution, is specifically created for organizations operating in a distributed work environment. Grip provides organizations improved work performance and quality by providing complete oversight into work processes without introducing extensive overhead.
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Tired of missing deadlines?Grip's intelligent analysis provides you with a constant insight in the actual situation of your work processes and generates reliable forecasts regarding future progress and potential bottlenecks. For the first time you can really be in the driver seat and steer your projects away from delays and uncontrollable situations. missing deadlines?
Tired of last minute surprises?You can use Grip to follow your work processes and see not only the real situation but also have a solid insight in what is coming next. Based on historical results, critical path, work complexity and employee capabilities Grip will show how the real world looks…no more surprises. last minute surprises?
Tired of being in the dark all the time?The Grip questionnaire mechanism provides the input for the Grip Engine to generate a picture of the real world when it comes down to your projects. This means knowing the actual situation at all times, knowing what to expect down the road and, most important, have enough time to react when you don't like what you see. being in the dark all the time?
Tired of poor quality?Wouldn't it be nice when your existing quality system can be mapped into your work system 1-to-1? Activities and standard processes, dictated by your Q/A system, can be 100% embedded in Grip. So no more 'forgotten' tasks or cutting corners in procedures, and otherwise time consuming audit reports can be generated with one mouse-click. poor quality?

Grip is the result of development cooperation between Go4Target BV and Logica Finland (now CGI). The purpose was to create a solution to manage their development processes which include large amounts of designing and coding activities, a unit in India, virtual teams in Finland and a flexible workforce with frequent teleworkers. Contact us for more information on the Logica cooperation.

Conventional management approaches seem less applicable to today’s work processes. Distributed and virtual teams, off-shoring, flexible working hours and a new generation of knowledge workers create a completely different setting than traditional work environments. In this new setting, factors like flexibility, trust, employee empowerment, and management by results are gaining importance. But how do we ensure our work performance and quality in this new setting?

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To find out more regarding Grip we are glad to send you the Grip white paper. As a second step can provide a virtual demonstration or provide you with a Grip trial license. During the test one of our Grip consultants will be assigned to you to do some initial training and who will provide support throughout the trial-period. Since Grip is a flexible application some initial configuration is needed to support your work process optimally. For this purpose we developed the Grip Implementation Navigator, a step by step guideline to enter the settings and definitions of your process.