The intelligent work environment for the 21st-century

Grip, an advanced work process solution, is specifically created for organizations operating in a distributed work environment. Grip provides organizations improved work performance and quality by providing complete oversight into work processes without introducing extensive overhead.
Grip is a fusion of traditional disciplines like BPM, workflow, and project management, but enriched with an intelligent interpretation of work complexity, workforce performance, individual employee effectiveness, deadlines, and historical data. This solution creates a picture of the actual situation and, most importantly, a reliable outlook on how things will progress in the future.
Grip continuously gathers and processes data from the work environment, including the changes in work activities, and provides a virtual version of management by walking around that allows you to ask the right questions to the right employees. Intelligent interpretation of data from the actual status creates a reliable outlook. Factors like workload, priorities, current progress, business process flow, individual employee characteristics, and employee inputs are all taken into account to generate an overview of what lies ahead.