Focus on the Microsoft platform

Regarding her software solution Grip, Go4Target is mainly focusing on the Microsoft platform integrating with Microsoft's strategic products like Office, Exchange and SharePoint. Grip is a true zero-footprint application that can operate in an on-site situation but is also well suited to run Cloud-based.

Go4Target follows Microsoft's developments when it comes to Cloud Computing. One of the goals is to be able to offer Grip as an integrated solution of the Office 365-suite which will allow organizations to use Grip as a productivity tool fully integrated with the Office 365-components.

Key focus areas regarding Cloud Computing development include overall ease of use (e.g. single logon), security and the creation of a flexible integration API, a service to allow external applications to exchange data with Grip. In addition, Go4Target actively investigates possible mobile deployment scenarios for Grip like alerts and access to in-trays and questionnaires.